Why Combine Hair Transplant Technique FUT+FUE PRP Than FUE Alone

Hair fall is considered normal until it comprises shedding of around 50 hairs but when shedding outnumbers the formation of hairs and includes thinning of hairs it is termed as hair loss.People often neglect the initial signs of hair loss and realizes when it becomes noticeable. There are some temporary remedies to slow down hair loss but the only permanent solution for hair loss is Hair Transplant. It is the only procedure which could deliver best possible permanent results with natural look if judiciously performed.

What is the basic technique to perform hair transplant by combination method?

  • Graft harvesting:

Graft harvesting is done by majorly performing FUT and residual FUE:

FUT (Follicular unit transplantation or strip technique):  A thin strip is harvested from back and side of the head of around 1-1.5 cm depending on the required number of grafts and skin laxity. Around 2 cm area is left untouched below the extracted strip to preserve for future in case of progressive hair loss and Norwood Class VII. Around 3000-3500 grafts could be extracted in one session which is further segregated under high magnification by experienced technicians. After extraction of graft site closure is performed by trichophytic approach for scarless results.

FUE (Follicular unit extraction): FUT is followed by FUE for extracting the residual number of grafts. As after performing FUT hair transplant which could yields larger number of grafts, around 500-1000 grafts are extracted using FUE as per the requirement. As the requirement is less it favors the harvesting of grafts from a greater distance to each other to reduce the damage rate and increase the survival rate of the graft. It helps in maintaining the adequate density at the donor area and avoid over harvesting and violation of safe zone.

  • Implantation of grafts: Graft harvesting is followed by Implantation of grafts at the recipient area. The expertise of surgeon is utmost required for implantation to attain permanent and natural results. It is mandatory to implant the graft at a proper angulations and random orientation for achieving natural results. to achieve better natural look single grafts obtained by FUT method are preferably implanted in the frontal line well as to construct the temporal triangles for natural looking results and multiple thick grafts obtained by FUE can be transplanted in the rear rows of hairline mixed with FUT Grafts to give better density and fuller look.

What are the benefits of PRP (Platelet rich plasma) therapy?

Platelets constitutes consortium of many growth factors which helps in wound healing and facilitate growth wherever injected at desired location.  PRP is platelet concentrate which is intended to facilitate the healing and growth of the hair follicles.

Why combination technique preferred over FUE?

  • Provision of preserving donor for future use: FUE technique allows extraction of 2000-2500 grafts in single session and further sittings of harvesting would not be possible as it would lead to overharvesting and violation of safe area.  In combination technique the added advantage is despite achieving a greater number of grafts of more than 4000 we can preserve the donor area for future hair transplant procedure if required in cases of extensive baldness and progressive hair loss.
  • Safe donor area could be used judiciously: If more than 2500 grafts are extracted by FUE method it would lead to violation of safe zone and non permanent results. When combination technique is performed FUT and FUE both used together preserves the safe area despite extraction of more number of grafts.
  • Offers maximum coverage of bald area: FUE when performed alone cannot be successful in covering a large bald area and is usually indicated for initial bald cases and facial hair transplant. The large number of grafts could be harvested from combination techniques which allow maximum coverage without depleting the density of safe donor area.
  • Provision of more natural results: FUE when performed alone have less chances of harvesting single grafts which can be used to implant in frontal line and temporal triangles for better natural results. These single grafts can be easily segregated by FUT technique as graft separation is performed under high magnification.  Hence, when hair transplant performed by combination method the best quality and single grafts obtaibed by FUT are placed at hair line and temporal triangles for natural looking appearance and multiple grafts obtained by FUE behind the hair line for fuller look.
  • Lowers the graft damage rate: FUE technique is said to have more damage rate as it is a blind procedure for extracting individual graft by punch. Combination methd employs major graft harvesting by FUT which favors less damage rate of up-to ~1% and gives the maximum graft yield.
  • Multiple sittings in future are possible: 2-3 multiple sittings in future are possible with Combination method which will not be possible after performing FUE.

 Dr Suneet Soni, founder of Medispa Hair transplant centre is well known to perform the best hair transplant procedures in India. He is pioneer in performing combination technique as he is the one who has introduced this technique with PRP therapy in Delhi and Jaipur. His excellent surgical skills and extraordinary artistic skills for hairline design have made him popular to perform hair transplant with best natural looking results.


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Written by Medispa India

Medispa is the leading hair transplant center in India headed by Dr. Suneet Soni. He is renowned hair transplant surgeon and has done more than 2000 successful Hair Transplant.


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