Maintaining The Body’s Health Regardless Of Age: Why Are Vitamin

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When you hear the word vitamins, you would instantly get nostalgic because you are not a stranger to it when you are a kid. Your parents will always ask you to take your vitamins early in the morning before going to school or before going to bed. Even if children refuse to drink, their parents will tell them they have to because it’s for their own good. However, vitamins for adults like the best vitamin C in the Philippines are necessary too. After all, aren’t you curious why you should do this for your own good? 


Normally, when we talk about vitamins, it isn’t just limited to a specific age group because anyone can take vitamins. A baby could get his/her vitamins from the food he/she is being fed or through breastfeeding. Perhaps vitamins for adults isn’t a common way to address it; instead, it is more known as supplements. Either way, adults need it as much as young people do, especially when a person ages and matures towards old age.


Vitamins support the body further by giving it the proper nutrients and health benefits which we don’t get just get from eating our meals. For example, you need a boost in metabolism, then you drink an L-Carnitine caplet in order to help you do so. If you don’t eat too many fruits like oranges, then you can take Vitamin C caplets to help maintain Vitamin C flowing through the body’s system. 

However, vitamins should not be confused with medicines to replace them with prescriptions given by your doctor. Think of vitamins as if they are essential oils which the skin needs to maintain healthy and smooth. The same goes for the vitamins you ask your children to take, or you yourself are taking. You don’t drink vitamins in copious amounts, but rather you limit yourself to a number of pills you drink in a day. Vitamins for adults and for children should be taken in small quantities in the diet because they can’t be synthesized by the body. This is good for your health, but with everything else in life, it should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s all in balance and moderation, right?



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