7 Must Do’s for Healthy and White Teeth That Will Keep the Denti

What kind of image pops in people’s head when they think of a beautiful smile? The Hollywood smile, of course. The perfect string of white pearls that are unbelievably symmetrical, shiny and bright. However, everyone knows that that kind of a smile is not only expensive but also means endless dentist appointments and hours spent in the dental chair.

Fortunately, there are natural ways that people use to get closer to that perfect smile and the best part is that they don’t cost a small fortune. Here are the top 7 techniques and must do’s for a dreamy smile.

Organise the Dietflumi

Some people follow a certain dietary plan that keeps the teeth healthy, shiny, white and stain-free. This means that red wine, coffee, black tea are excluded from the daily meals due to the fact that they contain dark pigments that stick to the tooth white enamel and stain it. These dark pigments are called chromogens and are the natural dyers of the teeth. Excluding such foods and beverages is of crucial importance because the ability to brush the teeth instantly after consumption is minimal, especially when the person is out and about.

Plus, acidic foods tend to damage the tooth enamel causing the dentin below to show on the surface. This is bad because the dentin is a tissue that has a yellow-brown colour and because of it, the teeth seem yellow. Therefore, all acidic food including pickles, tomato products, cranberries, citrus fruits, wine,  and coffee are recommended to be avoided.

Change the Toothbrush Regularly

The toothbrush must be changed every two to three months. When they are left in the open they become a nest from bacteria that spreads among the bristles and even though the brush is cleaned with water every day, bacteria remain. As a result, bacteria are transferred into the mouth and might cause inflammation, gum disease or other more serious problems.

Consume Foods That Act like Cleaners

Foods such as apples, raw carrots, popcorn and celery are firm and crisp and they help clean the surface of teeth when being eaten. In the process of eating these foods that are rich in fibre, the saliva production is increased and as a result, the teeth are protected from decay. Foods that also help whiten the teeth are cauliflower, strawberries, cheese and yoghurt, seeds and nuts, pineapple, onions and celery.

Floss After Every Meal

A recommended trick that every dentist would advise. Flossing with a dental floss will keep the space between teeth clean and any food particle that was stuck in the mouth between the teeth will be taken out. Stuck food particles may pose a huge threat to oral hygiene because they can create a bad breath and gum inflammation as well.

Brush the Teeth with Some Baking Soda

Once a week, the teeth should be brushed with some baking soda as it helps in removing the stains from the tooth enamel. Plus, it is completely safe and doesn’t harm the tooth enamel as some people had previously thought. It can be also used mixed with toothpaste if there is an uncomfortable feeling of using the soda on its own.

Keep It Fresh

Bad smelling breath is the ultimate repellent of people. Moreover, it can be a sign of a process starting in the mouth as a result of inflammation. Hence, the necessity of mouthwashes is more than obvious. It cleans the mouth, washes away the bacteria and leaves the breath smelling fresh. An important note, though, it should be alcohol-free because alcohol dries the tissue and makes it more susceptible to spreading bacteria.

Use Over-the-Counter Whitening Products

When people do not succeed with the natural hacks and home remedies for keeping the teeth healthy and white, they turn to teeth whitening products that can be bought in a pharmacy or the drugstore. For example, many people say that Lumbrite teeth whitening products have helped them immensely in the fight for whiter teeth.

The Bottom Line

Taking care of the teeth is an ongoing process until the end of life. The importance of keeping them healthy and white is not only for aesthetic reasons. It is much more important that the mouth and teeth are healthy because the wellbeing of the overall body depends on their healthy condition.


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