Why is FUT the Preferable Technique for Hair Transplant?

If you are looking for your hair loss treatment you might be thorough with every modality available for solution. Among all temporary remedies, hair transplant is the only permanent solution for hair loss. Including the permanent results, it offers the natural look which does not make the procedure apparent to everyone.

Hair transplant is often over expected and mistaken as a regenerative procedure which could develop lost hair follicles on the bald scalp which is not true. Ideally, it is a restoration procedure which is performed by shifting the hair follicles from donor area to recipient area. This procedure is purely intended to cover the bald area by transferring hair follicles from the high hair density areas or beautifying the hairline if anyone wishes to change their existing one.

The basic procedure of hair transplant includes:

  • Administration of local anaesthesia at donor as well as recipient site
  • Follicular Graft harvesting from donor area (back and side of head or other parts of body)
  • Preparation of implantation site  by slitting
  • Implantation of grafts at the recipient site (frontal and vertex area)
  • Post operative shampooing after 24 hours

Hair transplant techniques:

The hair transplant is performed by 2 primary methods which are differentiated based on graft harvesting procedure explained as follows:

  • FUT hair transplant (Follicular unit transplantation or strip technique): This technique involves the harvesting of thin strip from the scalp which then undergoes dissection for separation of individual grafts. These separated grafts are then implanted following slitting at the desired bald area. Each step should be performed under high magnification for appropriate visibility and least damage rate to grafts.
  • FUE hair transplant (Follicular unit extraction): This technique involves extraction of individual grafts with the help of surgical device under high magnification. These harvested grafts are then implanted at the recipient site followed by slitting.

Each graft harvesting technique has pros and cons and certain indications based on which it is opted as per the particular case. The techniques are opted depending on the extent of baldness, age of the patient, gender of the patient, number of grafts available/required and quality and quantity of hair follicles at the donor area.

When FUT can be preferred: 

The following benefits of FUT are as follows:

  • When there is need to cover big bald area: FUT hair transplant technique is preferred in cases of Norwood IV or V stage cases where a big bald area is intended to be treated.
  • When larger number of grafts needs to be extracted: FUT technique is preferred when approximately 3000-3500 grafts are required to be extracted.
  • When it is desired to avoid shaving: Some men and especially women request for no head shave procedure which can be made possible by FUT hair transplant technique.
  • Least follicular transection rate (FTR): FUT technique is preferred in low density hair follicles cases as damage rate or FTR of this technique is very less. In low density donor area cases it is important to preserve and save as many hair follicles as possible.
  • To avoid over harvesting: When in cases of requirement of more number of grafts FUT technique is preferred as it preserves the donor site and avoids overharvesting of the follicular grafts.
  • When multiple sittings could be required: FUT technique offers extraction of strips further in future sittings in cases of progressive hair loss or extensive bald cases which cannot be treated in single session.

However, FUE could be preferred in cases where there is requirement of lesser number of grafts such as initial baldness or facial hair transplant.

Is there any best technique for hair transplant?

Frankly suggesting, no technique is best as both the techniques have their indications and limitations based on which the decision of right technique has to be made. Ample knowledge and sound decision making of surgeon is required to choose the right technique for utilising the best part of each technique. Both of these techniques delivers perfect results if performed by safe hands and opted correctly as per the patient.

In extensive hair loss cases as Norwood class VI or VII when either technique does not seem feasible, combination technique of FUT+FUE is the perfect option. This technique has added advantage over both individual techniques in extracting more than 4000 grafts with donor preservation for future sittings in progressive hair loss and extensive bald cases.

Medispa clinic for hair transplant in Delhi and Jaipur is one of the fewest centres which maintains world class facilities and equipped with all latest technology to perform any hair transplant technique and ensuring the best desirable results. Dr Suneet soni (MCh Plastic surgery) is forerunner in hair transplant field based on his expertise in surgical skills and artistic vision for hairline designing.   His keen observation and précised surgical approach favors him in delivering best results with least FTR of <1% and is titled as one of the top notched surgeon in India.

 Thousands of patients have trusted us and achieved best results with complete satisfaction and has changes their life for good. If you are also in search of a perfectionist surgeon, Dr Suneet Soni is on the top on this list where the results you achieve are assured and satisfactory for sure.


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Written by Medispa India

Medispa is the leading hair transplant center in India headed by Dr. Suneet Soni. He is renowned hair transplant surgeon and has done more than 2000 successful Hair Transplant.


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