FAQs you need to know about Singapore Company Incorporation

With the establishment of the Singapore company, there are many options. You must also do something. Here are some common questions about this issue.

1. Do I have to appoint a company secretary?

Yes, by law, you must appoint a company secretary within six months of the original date of establishment. The law is part of the Singapore Corporate Law.

2. I understand that registration in Singapore can be completed and maintained by one person. is this real? Is there a rule?

Indeed, a person can register in Singapore. However, as mentioned earlier, you must appoint a secretary and if you are a company director, you cannot be a secretary at the same time. Company directors must also be Singapore residents.

3. Are there any special requirements for hiring a company secretary?

Yes, but you no longer need to hire a professionally qualified secretary. These laws have changed.

Company directors must employ people with reasonable skills to perform their work. This person must also have the experience and knowledge required for the job.

4. I am considering registering in Singapore. Posting the company name to my business location will involve additional fees. How long do I need to complete?

The law no longer requires this. As long as your address is clearly visible, people can find your company. Changes have been made to eliminate additional costs and make it easier to start a home business.

5. As a new business, I want to print business documents. Are there any special requirements?

Yes, don’t forget to leave your Singapore company registration number in your letter. This includes accounting statements and invoices as well as business letters. It must also be included in any company publication.

6. I plan to set up a company in Singapore. I am from another country. However, I have extensive training and experience in selected fields. Which visa should I apply for?

If you have special skills and qualifications, it is best to apply for an Employment Pass. This process is much faster. The only other option is the admission badge. However, it takes longer and is designed for entrepreneurs with less experience and less education.

7. Is the new business tax-free in the first year?

Yes, but qualified.

One. Your company must be established in Singapore

b. The number of shareholders must not exceed 20.

C. You must also be a qualified tax resident in Singapore.

d. The top 100,000 dollars in income or profits are tax-free.

e. Taxes range from $100,000 to $300,000 to 8.5%. After that, the tax rate is 17%.


It is important to know all about the registration of a Singapore company. This way, you will get the most out of your business. Remember, you must appoint a company secretary and not a director. A person can apply to establish a company in is specialized in company registration and all corporate services. For more details, visit company registration service.


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