Hair Restoration: Procedure, Recovery, Complication And More

Hairs are important component of one’s personality and self image. So losing them can lead to mental turmoil and psychological difficulties which could adversely affects one’s quality of life. Hair restoration for hair loss sufferers is a second golden chance to get their confidence back along with the growing hairs on the scalp which was once bald.

Hair transplant: Procedure

Hair transplant surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which is intended to bring back the lost hairs on your bald scalp by harvesting the follicular grafts from the donor area (majorly from back and side of the head or any other part of body as per the available density of hair follicles).

It is performed under local anaesthesia in proper aseptic conditions in operatory. After administration of anaesthesia, the graft harvesting procedures are employed comprising of 2 major techniques:

  • FUT (Follicular unit transplantation or strip technique)
  • FUE (Follicular unit extraction)

These techniques are differentiated based on the method of harvesting grafts. FUT technique involves the extraction of a thin strip which is sent to graft segregation room for further dissection of individual grafts. These dissected grafts are then planted in the slits prepared by the hair transplant surgeon. On other side, FUE technique is employed by individual harvesting of grafts from the donor area on scalp itself which can be directly transferred to the slits prepared at the implantation site. These techniques are chosen individually for every patient based on the age, gender, number of follicular grafts required, extent of the bald area and quality and quantity of hair follicles at the donor area.

Hair loss in Bangladesh is reported more due to multiple factors in addition to genetic cause including water pollution, stressful life, low income scale and poor nutrition due to low socio economic status. Hair transplant in Bangladesh might not be a good option as you might get substandard and compromised treatment in terms of standards maintained due to lower economy at fair cost. Hence, people from Bangladesh visit India for their hair transplant because of higher standards of treatment with assured successful results at an affordable cost.

Hair transplant: Recovery

After hair transplant most of the patients can be back to routine work the very next day. Physical recovery followed by hair transplant procedure usually takes 7-10 days when the post operative instructions are strictly followed for faster healing and growth. PRP therapy is the newer approach tried hugely nowadays for faster healing and growth at the recipient site.

As rumored hair transplant could not deliver the head full of hairs immediately after the procedure but requires wait of months for receiving the fruits by the sowed seeds. Every newly transplanted follicle is at its stage of growth of hair cycle which takes its own time for growth. After 2-3 weeks of hair transplant it is normal to lose all the newly transplanted hair follicles which could give a shock of your life after spending huge handsome amount.

The initiation of visible growth occurs after 3 months of wait after hair transplant procedure which further grows progressively. In 6 months you can see a fair amount of growth which could be patchy initially but becomes fairly distributed as the growth progresses. The appreciable amount of growth could be observed within 8-12 months of the hair transplant when you can be completely assured of the final results of the procedure.

Hair transplant: Complications

Although hair transplant procedure is minimally invasive and have easy going short term complications which does not cause any sort of morbidity and patient can easily resume the routine work from the next day after the procedure. The complications followed by hair transplant include:

  • Swelling: It is a common complication followed by hair transplant which often subsides after 5-7 days of the procedure. It could incorporate the forehead usually but sometimes even extent till the eyelids. To avoid the swelling patients are advised to sleep with head elevated at 45°. Including, patients are advised to wear prescribed head bands for 2 days for around 4 hours a day.
  • Itching: This is also one of the most common complications of hair transplant which is easily manageable and subsides within a week. It can be controlled by regular washing and application of lotion as prescribed by your hair transplant surgeon.
  • Numbness: The patients often encounter numbness after hair transplant procedures for few weeks which usually subsides within few weeks. In cases of persistence of numbness it is important to consult your hair transplant surgeon for examination.
  • Pain: Mild pain following hair transplant is a common sequel. This is usually manageable without the use of any medications. But in case it becomes unmanageable always consult your hair transplant surgeon before self treating your pain.
  • Scalp pimples: These pimples occurs after few weeks of hair transplant which looks as a complication but ideally is a good sign for observing growth. When these pimples burst, hair shaft might fall followed by initiation of growth of new hair shaft from the transplanted hair follicles which becomes visible after 3 months of hair transplant.

Why medispa clinic for your hair transplant dream?

Medispa hair transplant clinic matches on every criterion you could look for a competent hair transplant clinic in India at the cost you could easily afford. We are jeweled with:

  • Highly qualified and skilful surgeon (Dr Suneet Soni)
  • Well equipped operatory with incorporated latest technology
  • Strict hygiene and safety standards
  • Keen observation of every step under German based latest high magnification microscopes

 Well experienced supporting staff and technicians


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Written by Medispa India

Medispa is the leading hair transplant center in India headed by Dr. Suneet Soni. He is renowned hair transplant surgeon and has done more than 2000 successful Hair Transplant.


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