What To Expect After The FUT Treatment?

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which is the only permanent solution of hair loss with natural look like existing natural hairs. Hair transplant surgery is often mistaken as procedure which delivers immediate results following the surgery. But ideally you need to wait for months to see the fruits of seeds sown on the scalp.

FUT hair transplant technique is performed by harvesting of thin strip from donor area based on the availability of the hair density followed by dissection of strip to separate each graft surrounded by adequate amount of tissue. These dissected hair follicles are then transplanted at the recipient site by taking care of hairline designs.

FUT hair transplant technique has been method of choice by many because of its added benefits over FUE. Including, the disadvantage of scarring followed by FUT has been resolved by the use of advanced technique of closing the donor area termed as trichophytic closure which delivers almost invisible scar.

Let’s figure out timeline based scenarios which can be expected after hair transplant:

On the day after surgery: The recipient area looks swollen and bruised on the day of surgery while donor area is sutured and bandaged. Mild pain and tightness could be felt.

Day 1: You can resume your routine work but make sure to avoid strenuous activities for a month. Post operation hair wash is performed by professionals in hair transplant clinic itself. Then for the next 4-5 days you need to use the provided shampoo with strict instructions. It is advised not to touch the recipient area to avoid dirt and infection at the area. Shampoo and lotions are prescribed to be applied regularly. Care should be taken to be gentle on your scalp for a week and avoid scratching and putting any kind of pressure. Some tightness and pain could be felt. Redness and bruising will start to fade. Alcohol and smoking should be strictly avoided for a week as it influences the healing. Blood thinners like aspirin are avoided for a week by physician’s consent.

First week: Some mild bruising and redness still could be present. You might observe swelling on your forehead which might encircle eyes. Swelling can be reduced by wearing headbands provided by the clinic for at least 2 days for 4 hours a day. Including, patients are advised to sleep with their head elevated at 45 degrees. In a week grafts becomes engraved on the scalp and cannot be dislodged. Sutures are usually healed because of which you might feel mild itching. Scabbing which forms surrounding the planted follicles gets disappeared in a week usually. You need to avoid sun exposure so wear cap whenever going out but make sure to wear loose cap. Try to remove the cap with both hands so as to avoid displacement of newly transplanted grafts.

1 Month:  In few weeks after hair transplant the hair follicle undergoes rest phase and sheds its hair shaft and you bald area will start looking like before transplant. You might find scalp pimples which is a good indicator as it depicts the underlying growth of hairs.

2-3 months: Transplanted hair shows some visible changes and initiates growing as thin and fine hair. These hairs looks sparse in the beginning as every hair follicle has its distinct growth phase but later covers the desired bald area completely.  Sometimes existing adjacent hairs reports thinning surrounding the transplanted hairs termed as shock loss.

4-6 months: Newly transplanted hairs show more visible growth and they look longer and thicker than before.  The donor area looks completely healthy and scar reduces to almost invisible. Still your newly transplanted hairs have to undergo changes.

6-12 months: The transplanted hair becomes thicker and longer as time passes. You can flaunt your new hairs with styling the way you want. Style your hair as you desire. You will have an appointment at your clinic at month 8 to evaluate your hair growth

12-18 months: Complete hair growth can be appreciated. The results of hair transplant can be confirmed at this stage. It is time to either congratulate yourself for satisfactory results or face regrets and disappointment for botched results.

Medispa hair transplant clinic is one of the most leading destinations for hair transplant and other cosmetic surgery in India. It is recognized as best hair transplant center as we are renowned for our world class natural results with 100% assurance.

Dr Suneet Soni, founder of Medispa centre is a celebrated hair transplant surgeon known to deliver best possible results using any of the technique of hair transplant. His astounding surgical skills with extraordinary sense of art have made him popular to deliver natural looks and permanent outcome.  He is specialized in performing FUT hair transplant technique and combination technique of FUT and FUE with least damage rate of <1% to grafts. He is the one to introduce bio stimulation in combination technique in Delhi and Jaipur.

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Written by Medispa India

Medispa is the leading hair transplant center in India headed by Dr. Suneet Soni. He is renowned hair transplant surgeon and has done more than 2000 successful Hair Transplant.


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