How to Get Ripped Arms – Top 3 Exercises For Biceps to Gain Musclemass

Do you remember when you first started going to the DXNCode Strike Review  gym and trying to pack on muscle? How easy it was – you’d go to the gym every week and you’d almost certainly be stronger adding 5 to 10lbs to your bench press each and every time you trained!!! I’m 8 years into my training now and I can assure you that no longer happens to me. If it did, I would be benching somewhere around 1,000lbs, so it’s obvious that the initial rate of acceleration curls off somewhere along the line.

But do you really understand why it is that you are able to handle so much more weight at the start of your lifting career. Well, if you don’t I’m going to tell you, because it actually has little to do with the size of the muscle and more to do with what’s known as the CNS (Central Nervous System). You can consider your CNS like roads or highways that connect your brain to your muscles. Messages (cars) are sent down these highways to the muscles with certain instructions.

 Just like when you train a muscle, that muscle grows and adapts to the stress that you put under it, the same applies to the neural pathways. Therefore in the first few weeks when you are unaccustomed to a certain movement, your neural pathways will grow and adapt to the stress that you’re putting it under and get better at sending the messages to your muscles. In turn this means that a great amount of the motor units in your muscle will be recruited, resulting in the strength gain that you experience.


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Written by Steffan Devin



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