How to Get Ready for Your First Massage Therapy

Getting a massage therapy for the first time is just like your appointment with a doctor for the treatment of a particular health problem. Maybe you have no issue while visiting your doctor but you may find yourself unable to get ready for a massage. You face such conditions as you know that massage therapy has skin contact and a therapist is going to work on your body by using his/her hands, knees, and other body parts based on the therapy service type.  

You need to take it as the one you have a session with your doctor for the treatment of a certain health issue. Here are some useful steps that can help you with your first massage therapy session:

Reach at the spa a little earlier

Time is valuable for everyone in today’s world. It is more critical for you when you haven’t experienced such therapy earlier. Getting there 10-15 minutes prior will help you be worry-free from being late and feel relaxed before the massage session starts.

Hydrate yourself before and after the therapy session

Before your therapy session, you should ensure that you are hydrated enough. Drinking plenty of water is essential, as massage therapy is dehydrating. During the session, the therapist works on your stressed and tensed body parts. By applying a gentle to medium and high pressure, the therapist helps your body to loosen the stressed muscles. Gradually, the circulation of the blood and oxygen in your body improves. There will be a delay in the release of toxins and muscle tensions if you are dehydrated. It can lead you to have a pain feeling even after the completion of your therapy session. Therefore, drinking enough water before and after the massage therapy session is highly recommended.

Put on a loose outfit

For an effective massage session, you should wear a loose dress. You can take this one with you and wear the same before your session begins. Request the therapist to vacate the room to let you change your dress after getting into your massage room. Ask the expert to enter the room when you feel comfortable. Wearing loose clothing makes undressing or sliding the outfit more comfortable during the therapy.

Breathe normally

You have decided to have massage therapy for the relaxation of your body and mind. Feeling relaxed after the therapy session is critical for you. You will have such relaxation when you breathe normally during the therapy. Most people limit or hold their breaths because of their nervousness. Any obstruction in normal breathing can make the task of loosening muscles harder. Avoid being nervous and breathe normally.


You must communicate with your massage therapist before your arrival at the spa and during the therapy session. While talking to the expert, get all your queries answered. Leave nothing unanswered. During the session, you should communicate with the expert. State or direct the therapist for lowering or increasing the pressure on your body. Clearly ask the expert to stop massaging you for a while when you want to take a break. Constant communication will make the therapy session better for you.


As a first-timer, you are nervous about your massage therapy, and you think a lot about how to get ready for it for a better experience. Reaching the spa before the scheduled time, drinking enough water, having a loose outfit, and communication can help you a lot to be ready for your first massage therapy.


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