Best Way to Improve Low Sperm Count in Male

If couples are trying for years to conceive a baby but could not able to achieve any success then there are chances that couples are suffering from infertility issue in some case the causes of not achieving pregnancy is because of female infertility reasons and in some case male infertility reasons. And if you are one of the people who are suffering from male infertility then there are chances we have some tips that why you can boost your fertility and increase your sperm count.The male infertility is nowadays is a common issue many men’s have this kind of issue so don’t panic go to a gynaecologist but also there are some tips that can help you in this process naturally like : –

1. Exercise

 One of the best methods for treating any disease is by going exercise because exercise can boost your mood but more impotently it can improve your sperm count, too. As there is many research has been done and it is founded that doing exercise 3 times a week for 1 hour can also improve your sperm count and motility.

2. Stress

 Nowadays this is the most common factor which affects your health but also the most ignored one as people not see their stress levels and how they’re impacting their health so this is very important to reduce the stress. Try to do the thing that you like or try to hang-out with your friends and family this is also the best method to improve sperm count in males.

 3. Quit Smoking and Alcohol

 This is found that a person who smokes and take alcohol regularly have low sperm count and motility than the person who does not take all this stuff. So leaving these bad habits is important but it is also true that leaving these habits is not easy so take advice from the doctor and talk about this with your loved once because they will support you and guide you.4. Eat Right

 While if you know that you are suffering from infertility then it is also important to maintain your diet as doing exercise is helpful but the real work starts when you eat and this is very impotent for you to know what are you eating and benefits. You can also visit a dietitian for creating your diet chart and he will help you in suggesting a good diet and healthy food.

5. Avoid various Medication

 Many people are suffering from low sperm count or any other kind of infertility issue and many times these infertility people forget to ask the doctor about heavy medication that they are taking which is not prescribed by a doctor. And This type of medication affects sperm count and health so this is important to always ask a doctor before taking any medication.ConclusionVisiting test tube baby centre in Delhi is important if you want to improve your sperm count but there are natural ways you can improve your sperm count on daily life by try above-given tips.


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Written by Dr. Vaishali Sharma

Dr. Vaishali Sharma is an IVF specialist and she is providing IVF treatment in the best IVF centre in Delhi.


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