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You should be far more concerned about getting out and TeslaLighter Survival Tool Review  then getting stuck in the storm. Trust me, once you're stuck in a blizzard, the thought about getting out of the house disappears, and all you want to do is get back home safely. So, be prepared and enjoy the snowstorm from the comfort of your home and be thankful you're not out in it.To have the right attitude, what might we do for preparation? The idea is simple. Have the following on hand to provide for you and your family for about one week. Besides normal household items, here is what we count on to see us through blizzard conditions.

Light – flashlights, batteries, candles, oil lamps and matches.Heat – wood stove inserts heat living space and cook food, and firewood is stacked up outside the front door. Propane tanks and portable heaters are also available.Food – refrigerator and freezer are always well stocked.Water – well pressure tanks hold plenty of water under pressure, even during a power outage.

Entertainment – playing cards, board games and books are easy to find, and the Internet also provides entertainment.Electricity – a standby generator and bulk fuel storage tanks are ready when I need them. I also keep starting fluid handy to help with a cold engine start.Communication – wireless Internet service and cell phones can be used to stay informed and keep others informed of our situation.Emergency preparedness means you can be much more relaxed and accept what nature is going to dish out to you on occasion. So, be prepared and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the snowstorm.


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Written by Steffan Devin



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