Emotions and Diabetes

Are You Making Recurrent Trips To The Rest Room. GS-85 Blood Sugar Review  Excessive urination is the classic symptom of diabetes. This sign of diabetes appears as the body becomes unable to reabsorb water and other fluids in body. The kidneys of the diabetic person keep on releasing plenty of water with the surplus glucose.

Does Your Mouth depict A picture Of A Desert. The excessive urination may cause the body to feel dehydrated. The person feels extremely thirsty as the body compels his mind to replenish the water lost from the body. Are you always Feeling Extremely Hungry. A diabetic person is motivated to eat a lot because of the excessive breakdown of tissues. The diabetic person starts to stave if he is left at the mercy of this chronic illness.

The above mentioned are the trademark of diabetes. These are the top determinants that a person is suffering from symptoms of diabetes. If ever you or someone in your family is experiencing these symptoms of diabetes it is better to make an appointment with the doctor. If the doctor puts you on the long hold just visit a lab for the routine diabetes screening tests and look for the following warning signs of diabetes

Are You Experiencing Blurriness in Vision. Because of an increased blood flow towards the retina of the eye, the eye lens of diabetics start to swell. This swelling results in blurriness of vision. Itching and Dryness of Skin. Excessive urination results in extreme dryness of the skin. Numbness and Tingling In Hands and Feet. Poor blood circulation towards extremities results in tingling and numbness sensation.


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