Start Lowering Your High Blood Pressure Today

A good friend of mine has high blood pressureBPS5 Reviewwhich he controls by using prescribed medication. I see him down the local club about three nights a week for a few pints of beer and a couple of games of snooker. I always know when he’s going to have his pressure taken the following morning because he cuts his alcohol intake down to one pint.

He does it because he’s afraid that if his pressure is high his doctor will increase the dosage of his medication! Who is he trying to fool? Only himself. If he were to adopt a sensible approach and eat a healthy diet and get some regular exercise he would probably be able to cut down, or even eliminate, the medication that he’s already taking… and still be able to enjoy a few pints of beer.

The moral of this true story is quite simply that if you have high blood pressure you owe it to yourself (and nobody else) to lower it. After all, it really is your life in your hands, because if the condition is left untreated it can have dire consequences.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor or nurse and express your concerns. Explain that you’d like to control your blood pressure using natural means if possible. Usually he or she will be only too pleased to help by suggesting what sort of exercise would be safe for you, and what diet would be of most benefit.


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