Hair Loss and Ringworm Infection

T tonsuransthe fungal growth pattern is HairRevital X Review called Endothrix, and it is the usual pattern in this case. There is a growth of fungal spores which takes place in the hair shaft. The hairs subsequently break off and bald patches ensue. But there is a chance that the reaction is not so strong and only takes place on a minor scale.

this causes an Ectothrix pattern to form. There is fungal growth on the external hair surface, and the subsequent affect is hair loss combined with scaly patches. The area on which the fungus acts can be either a single specific area or it could affect various different locations on the scalp. The fungus usually breeds on dogs, and also on cats and kittens.

Favus or Tinea favosa is a primary hair infection pattern, and is one of three. But what sets it apart from the others is that this type of hair infection which acts on the scalp is the destructive of the three. The fungus lives on the inside of the hair shaft. Air bubbles are created by it, which produces inflammation, and the final result is the formation of thick yellow crusts and scarring.

TREATMENT: Recognized by the MISSING PATCHES OF HAIR it is treated by anti fungal preparations Shampoo or extracts can be found to reduce or eliminate the infection, usually allowing the re growth of any previously lost hair.


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