Why You Should Ditch High Heels

They throw you off-balance. Because thereFungusEliminator Review is a lot of pressure concentrated on a tiny area at the heel of a shoe, wearing high heels makes it harder to balance. Slipping while wearing high heels is also dangerous; you could seriously injure yourself by pulling a tendon or even snapping or dislocating foot bones, just by slipping or twisting your ankle while wearing high heels.

They ruin your posture. Because they put your foot in a position where your toes are pointing towards the ground, they throw your center of gravity way off. The rest of your body adjusts to compensate; the lower part of your body shifts its weight forward, and your upper torso leans backward. This awkward, unnatural position can lead to serious posture and back problems; many women who regularly wear high heels report frequent attacks of back and leg pain.

They're bad for your knees. Because they force your lower body to lean slightly forward, your knees are constantly subjected to unnatural strain, due to their perpetually bent position. This can lead to osteoarthritis, one of the most common forms of arthritis, which is twice as likely to occur with women compared to men. Many blame high heels, at least partially, for this statistical disparity.

They torture your feet. The pain they inflict on you after wearing them even for a few hours should be a pretty clear sign of the damage they're doing to your feet. High heels mess up the natural distribution of weight on the foot and foot bones; wearing a heel that is 3.25 inches high results in an increase in the pressure exerted on the forefoot by more than 75%. The added strain can deform feet over time, resulting in conditions such as bunions and hammer toes.


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