What Are the Angular Cheilitis Symptoms?

Angular cheilitis refers to the infection in theEczemaSkin Relief Reviewcorners of mouth. While it is painful, it can be embarrassing too. The cracks in the corners of mouth seem to expand with time. It prevents the patient from talking, laughing and eating. It mostly attacks in the winter and people from cold areas are seen to be the main victims of this infection. Many people mistake it for chapped lips, but both of the diseases are different in nature and needs different approach to solve. Knowing the angular cheilitis symptoms are the first step to the cure.

The same infection that causes yeast infection or candida infection is responsible for angular cheilitis symptoms. The most established symptoms are swelling and cracking of the corners of the mouth. You will feel pain while talking or eating. Laughing is not considered as an option while having this infection. If it is ignored for a long time, then it can lead to bleeding which will cause spreading of the infection. It is easily noticeable, and the pain should be enough to make you alert. If your angular cheilitis symptoms reach the bleeding phase it will be best for you to visit a doctor.

This condition can be related to nutrition too, or maybe the lack of it. People who are undernourished catch angular cheilitis symptoms faster than anyone. Personal hygiene is a factor which affects this infection too. The embarrassment that it brings is undesired and in order to prevent it, susceptible people are advised to keep their lips moist during the winter. Also eating proper foods are recommended too. For moisturizing the lips Vaseline or Glycerin can be used. If the infection increases, go to the doctor for further help.

Whenever you spot the angular cheilitis symptoms, consulting a doctor or taking medication should be your first step. This symptom is temporary and you can easily get rid of it.


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