Using Home Thyroid Profile Blood Test to Evaluate Thyroid Function

A level above the recommended points to primaryThyroidSupport Reviewhypothyroidism, this is where the thyroid is starting to fail and gives an early sign of any oncoming thyroid problems. A lower than recommended level would indicate the individual is suffering from hyperthyroidism, a situation where the thyroid gland is overactive and producing too much thyroid hormone. This could also, on occasions, point to a problem with the pituitary gland which leaves it not producing enough TSH (secondary hypothyroidism). A recommended level of TSH result points to a fully functional thyroid gland.

As you are probably aware, individuals can suffer either an overactive (hyperthyroidism) or an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) and the T3 test results are useful for diagnosing an overactive thyroid or indeed the severity of any hyperthyroidism. An elevated level of T3 would indicate the patient are suffering a hyperthyroid. Only on the odd occasion will the T3 result be of any help to hypothyroidism sufferers as a normal T3 level can still mean they are severely hypothyroid, as this is the final underactive thyroid test to show as abnormal.

Free T4 levels are another test result that can indicate how the thyroid is working, T4 enters the tissues that need to use this hormone. Tests that measure this have a number of different names; Free T4, FT4, the Free T4 Index, FT4i and FTi. An elevated FT4 level indicates hyperthyroidism and a low level points to hypothyroidism. I won’t go into it too much here but the combined results from FT4 and the TSH tests are used as an incredibly accurate indicator of the thyroid glands functionality. You can find a full rundown of the combined test results on my website by following the links below


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