Changing Limiting Beliefs Increases Your Chance of Success

The reason that it is so important to “write the vision and make it TheLight Code Review plain” is so that you can do two things: 1. To keep the long-term vision in front of you so that you can remind yourself every day to stay focused on the dream and not on the obstacles you will have to overcome to achieve the dream. 2. Take actions that will lead you in the direction of achieving that dream.

But regardless of what your dream or vision is for your life you have to be willing to be determined to do whatever it takes to achieve it. My experience has been that the people who never achieve their dreams simply give up too early. I too have experienced the pain and personal sacrifice necessary to achieve my dreams. I have always had a dream in my heart to be an entrepreneur, work for myself, and be my own boss.

In 1996 I walked out on a high-ranking corporate management position to pursue a career in real estate. I gave up job security, regular income, and corporate prestige because I wanted to be free to live life on my terms. As it turned out it took a lot longer than I expected to achieve this dream completely. I had to endure difficult times, I had to build experience in real estate and I had to be resourceful, creative and persistent. but now that I have begun to achieve this goal in a truly meaningful way I can tell you that all of the suffering, dedication and persistence was worth it.


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Written by Steffan Devin



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