Oh, My Aching Neck

My over all range of motion and the ability to breathe deeply with BackPain Sos Review  ease amazed me. Here I thought I was helping my son pay some bills by having him take me through the 10 series. Little did I know that this Structural Integration stuff that was developed by Dr. Ida Rolf was a real manual therapy that Worked.

So if you are in need to manage chronic pain this is defiantly worth trying. Now I can say that after experiencing pain relief and improved quality of life I do recommend this.My son has a thriving business now. Along with his personal practice at least once a week he spends a day working with the Gonzaga athletic program and trainers to provide Structural Integration to the athletes.

Kevin always wanted to work with top end athletes. His ultimate dream was to teach. He has filled this dream as well by becoming accredited to open a Structural Integration school of his own. He received the bug for teaching after graduation of his Structural Integration program by being asked to become part of the faculty of the school he graduated from in Utah.Yes and no, in my opinion. I believe that overactive nerves, or a hyperactive nervous system – meaning the brain and the nerves, are a major contributing factor to the issues we face in fibromyalgia.Issues like muscle pain, stress chemicals circulating through the body, mental confusion, emotional sensitivity, and general ‘being on edge and being unable to calm and feel good mentally and physically.


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Written by Steffan Devin



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