Microdermabrasion – A More Effective Choice to Remove Stretch Marks

Cellulite is defined as a condition that is found to take place in both, women  SKNRenew Review and men. Although, one can find more cases of the existence of cellulite in the female folks. In this state, a person has dimpled skin on the abdominal region, the lower limbs, and the pelvic region. This usually occurs after the stage of puberty is completed in that particular person. One began using this specific term in the 1920s and then became more popular with more people becoming aware of this phenomenon.

Cottage Cheese Cellulite This phenomenon of cellulite is described as orange peel syndrome, the mattress phenomenon, hail damage or the cottage cheese syndrome. However, it should not be confused with cellulites, which includes skin infection. Cellulite is only the excess fat, the overgrown layers of skin, and not any infection or disease.There is a common misconception, that cellulite is related to being overweight, and obese. This is proved absolutely wrong. There are many average weighing or underweight people who suffer from the presence of cellulite on their bodies.

Cellulite Causes One finds that there are many few men, who actually experience this problem of cellulite. Mostly, it is the gentle gender of women who suffer from cellulite on their bodies. The basic reasons for this are the connective tissues and fat cells of women. The connective tissues found in women are not very flexible, so after gaining weight, due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, lactation period, these fat cells are expanded, and protrude upwards, at the top layer of the skin. The appearance obtained after this function is the orange-peel appearance of cellulite.


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