5 Health benefits of lemongrass to treat everything from migraines to bloating

Lemongrass has shot through popularity quite recently. But it has always been quite a staple in eastern tradition for preparation of foods to herbal remedy. As soon as people found this grass that has a slightly citrus-like aroma, they started exploring its unique properties. They find out quite soon it has lots of different usages.


It can treat anything from severe migraine pain to even increase your metabolism and thus indirectly contributing to weight loss. Are you feeling intrigued? Let’s find out 5 Health benefits of lemongrass that can drastically change your lifestyle.

Lemongrass works as an anti-inflammatory

You most probably have seen lemongrass in mostly soup and, more specifically, in the Thai soups as it the staple of most dishes down there. A warm bowl of soup works like magic to warm up the soul of a sick person, and the citrus-like the tangy taste of lemongrass can taste like heaven to an ill person. But most importantly, the anti-inflammatory properties of lemongrass in it that gives a great relief.

It helps people with cardiovascular disease, cancer, rheumatoid, and diabetes. Lemongrass has citral, solvent, and polyphenol extract that contribute to the anti-inflammatory ability of it. It is widely used for this particular benefit of it.

Lemongrass helps with migraine

Only People who experience migraine attacks regularly will know how it feels. Aspirin becomes your best friend, and life seems like a constant ebb and flow between dull, blunt pains and worse than that condition. Some researchers who are based in Australia have found that lemongrass has eugenol.

Eugenol has the same benefits as aspirin. But it is more of a natural treatment that can be taken as an alternative to aspirin and other pain killers. Eugenol releases serotonin, which is a hormone that deals brings sleep and appetite in us. Get yourself a cup of lemongrass tea or use oil to get relief from a severe migraine attack. It will calm your mind and deal with insomnia.

Helps with digestion

Lemongrass has a cooling agent in it that soothes your stomach. The citral in lemongrass helps to digest food better and faster. Eating lemongrass with anything at dinner will help your gut get rid of bloating and indigestion. 

Also, keep checking what causes bloating, and that will cure your stomach more. Some people get bloating from eating food that contains gluten. So if you do not stop eating so much food that contains gluten, no matter how much you take lemongrass, it will not help.

Lemongrass boost your metabolism greatly

Let’s be real. Who hasn’t dreamed of eating more and not getting fat? That is possible if you have a great metabolism and blessed with excellent genetics. Even though we might have seen some blessed people around us like that but the rest of us are not like that. 

To be like that, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and add food that boosts metabolism. Polyphenols in the lemongrass increased the use of energy. That enhances the oxidation of fatty acid in the body. So add more lemongrass in your food besides a healthy lifestyle. You will see what change it brings in no time.

Helps with flu

Lemongrass has both antibacterial and antifungal properties. It helps you fight cold and flu by fighting with bacteria. It’s also fully loaded with vitamin C, which improves immunity. Boil some water with fresh lemongrass, two-three cloves, tea leaves, and a pinch of turmeric. Make yourself a cup of tea like this.

It will break the mucus build up that was causing congestion. You can also try lemongrass, tulsi, and cardamom for a change. These are the ayurvedic cure that has been used for cold throughout the ages, and they are far better than having medicine.



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