Why One Must Be Keen For Kidney Transplantation

Kidney is a very important organ in a human body because their main function is to remove the wastes from the body. They can filter out at least 45 gallons of blood on a regular basis and so when the kidneys malfunction then a lot of waste and fluid gets accumulated in the body which can lead to high blood pressure and even kidney failure.


So, if one is suffering from chronic kidney diseases then they can think about 2 major things. One is an artificial kidney transfer with the help of a healthy donor or else a treatment called dialysis where the blood in the body gets filtered by a machine or by inserting a tube in the belly.

One can look for the kidney transplant cost in India but if they think it is the last resort when it comes to kidney treatments when the other treatment options fail. But that is not the case. In most of the patient’s cases where the kidney is malfunctioning the surgeon any day looks for a kidney transplant rather going for day to day dialysis.

But now the question arises is why do doctors prefer transplants at the very first place? Well, the major reason behind that is; if the person can undergo transplantation then the chances are high that they will live longer than the person who is opting for dialysis. The other benefits are:

  • Very few limits in their regular diet post operation.

  • Very less long term health issues once the transplantation is done successfully.

  • Much better quality of life because one does not spend a lot of time every week getting dialysis and they can go back to work and their daily routine of life easily.

  • More energy in life.

One also needs to remember that regular dialysis can take a lot of toll on the body and it can causes health conditions like heart issues and anemia. But then, why people opt for dialysis treatment at all? Well, this they have to do more out of compulsion than that of choice. A lot of people need kidneys for kidney transplantation and for that there has to be sufficient amount of kidney donors. Hence they have to wait for a donor. The other reason is, there are a few patients who cannot opt for a kidney transplant surgery because of other complications present in their body. When it comes to dialysis, it is kind of a life saver for the people who are suffering a lot from the kidney disease.

Here are some cases where kidney transplantation can be an issue:

  • They are a cancer patient and are being treated for it.

  • Some illness that is limiting their life to just few more years.

  • Infection in the body which cannot be treated properly.

  • Severe heart disease which means they cannot survive the surgery.

  • Dementia

  • Very obese

  • Mental health issues

Kidney transplant in India happens under best surgeons and one must try to go for their treatment.



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