What Should You Know About Chinese Herbal Remedies?

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been helping people to boost their immunity, ease their short as well as chronic health issues and improve their overall health for thousands of years. People looking for natural ways to promote their wellness have an increased interest in Chinese herbal remedies, but they don’t have exact ideas on where to start. Here are some common queries that you may have in your mind:

Where do Chinese herbs come from?

Chinese herbs are particular plant part extracts that work to help people have relief from an individual health problem or boost overall health. They are like the ones found in pharmaceutical drugs, but nobody owns them as they have food items in their homes. Each herbal medicine has a formulation of more than one herb and is prepared to cure a particular health problem.      

Why do people consume these herbs or herbal medicines?

People across the globe take Chinese herbal medicines to treat several health problems, like indigestion, lower back pain, and joint stiffness. A large number of people use these herbal drugs for their autoimmune/arthritis conditions, infertility, asthma, menstrual issues, and many more.

Is it essential that Chinese herbs should be sourced from China?

Most of the Chinese herbs are produced and processed in China. Before being sold in the US, the FDA tests these herbs for purity and the presence of heavy metals and toxins. Some herbs are also grown in the US and other parts of the world by sourcing small saplings from China. However, the Chinese herbs used for treating health problems must be grown in China, as environmental factors and soil affect the growth of these herbs in other parts.

When should you see a herbalist?

You should consult a Chinese medicine expert before taking any Chinese herbal remedies to cure a particular illness. Act fast to consult a herbalist if you don’t notice any significant improvement or you feel your symptoms are getting worse after using TCM. Never take any traditional Chinese medicine to treat a chronic health issue without consulting the expert. Getting in touch with an expert is essential, as you might need remedies with a specific formulation.


Traditional Chinese medicines have been in use for several years. Its usage has changed a lot over the years, and TCM is helping people to get cured of chronic diseases, like diabetes. To ensure the effectiveness of Chinese herbal remedies, you should take the same after discussing it with an expert. The expert will advise you what medicine you should take or formulate the one as per your specific needs.


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