Treat sleep disturbance and chronic pain with Tramadol and Codeine

People suffering from sleep disturbances take time to get asleep and struggle to stay asleep throughout the night. They also experience nocturnal sleep interruptions and early morning awakenings. There are different forms of sleep disturbances such as insomnia, restless legs syndrome, upper airway resistance syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder, narcolepsy and REM sleep behavior disorder. People suffering from restless legs and periodic limb movement disorder remain restless at night and experience severe pain in their body. Both problems of sleep disturbance and chronic pain can be treated effectively with two opioid drugs – Tramadol and Codeine. Both these pills reduce the intensity of pain, offer relief to the users and assure an undisturbed sleep at night. Moderate use of Tramadol and Codeine under the supervision of a health care expert will eliminate both sleep disturbance and chronic pain and offer a serene rest to users.




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