Tennis Elbow Rehab – What You Need to Know About Treating Tennis Elbow

I love those old movies where a psychotic patient  EraseMy Back Pain Review would be subdued by psych techs in clean white outfits, and you would hear the doctors say, Nurse, give him 50 mg of Thorazine STAT. The nurse would give him the shot, and the crazed patient would immediately stop fighting, and crump to the ground.  

After which they would strap him into at straight jacket.  These days, as you may know, the phenothiazine class of medications have many more applications, then a simple antipsychotic. Drugs like Thorazine, Haldol, Compazine, Phenergan, and the like, are commonly administered intravenously and seem to work magically for poorly controlled pain.

As a result, a patient with a blinding headache will miraculously remove his or her sunglasses, get up from the gurney pain free, and asked the nurse if they can leave. Back pain sufferers, who minutes ago were posturing and writhing, literally, get out of bed, put on their pants and are ready to dance a jig.

Now, this may not be the final solution for the patient's suffering, but it can interrupt the cycle of pain long enough for the patient to get a good nights' sleep. Change their perception of the idea of pain, change their pain altogether. Sometimes, that's all it takes.


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