Causes & Cures For Vaginal Odor

Luckily, today’s adult diapers are much more The Menopause Myth Review  streamlined and comfortable than baby diapers. Many of the products are made of soft cloth-like material, and feel similar to regular underwear.


There are also re-usable versions of urinary incontinence products, which usually consist of a plastic or rubber outer protective layer, and replaceable pads on the inside. While these re-usable products cost less to use than disposable products (which can cost $200-$400 per month and are usually not covered by insurance), many women find these products uncomfortable to wear because they do not “breathe.”

The bottom line for choosing the right absorbent product to deal with your urine leakage is that you will probably have to try several different products and brands before you find a solution that fits. Your choice needs to do three things:

There is, of course, always the option of exploring treatment options for women’s urinary incontinence with your doctor. Coping with urine leakage is one thing… curing it is a whole different approach. Even if you have already tried a conservative therapy or two for urine leakage, you shouldn’t be discouraged if they didn’t cure your problem right away.



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