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Medibuddy is a medical education initiative which aims to make life easier for junior doctors applying for their training posts.



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“Medibuddy operates on the basis that modern medical interviews are essentially exams, incorporating both written questions and vivas. Before Medibuddy, how prepared you were for interview depended a lot on who you knew, with those who had friends in higher years willing to share their experiences and notes often scoring highest overall. Medibuddy aims to level the playing field by providing everyone with access to the required resources.
Our practice questions are written by previous high scoring candidates and aim to equip our users with all the required knowledge they need at interview. We can't predict which questions will come up, but we can ensure you have a strong understanding of topics within your desired specialty. We’ll give you all the information you need in one place, so you can get the job you want, whilst also developing your understanding and knowledge of the key principles in your desired specialty.”



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