Using Fluoroscopy in Pain Management Injections

The other path you can take is that of natural remedies like massage JointPain Hack Review  therapy. A massage chair can help to reduce pain in a natural way. There are many programs in a massage chair to focus on the soft tissues and muscles of the areas you need the most attention. You can combine massage techniques to help reduce stiffness, increase flexibility and minimize pain.

There are various massage techniques for a variety of treatment options. For muscle stiffness, a tapping massage is used to loosen up the muscles. To increase flexibility, a rolling massage is used to deliver segmented traction to the discs of the spine. The kneading massage is used to reduce tension and to elongate the larger muscles of the back and shoulders.

Massage chairs can help reduce pain by providing a way to stretch and soothe tight and sore muscles. Back pain stems from the stiffening of the soft tissue and misalignment of the spine. Applying mechanical traction to the spine helps to increase the flexibility of the soft tissue. Penetrating massage therapies can be applied to give deeper tissue relief to the larger muscles like the shoulder and neck areas.


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