Facial Skin Problems – Dealing With Rosacea

A Good Toner. Men have more than one-third more oils on their skin as  CyaBagsReview women do, making it especially important for them use an astringent to remove the excess. Another benefit of a good toner it helps to refine the appearance of those large male pores and make them look smaller, while making the face appear smoother.

A Good Moisturizer. Without moisture, the skin tends to dry, sag and wrinkle. By moisturizing daily, you can help the skin look younger.A Good Exfoliator. The skin is constantly rejuvenating itself, producing newer and fresher skin cells. Getting rid of the older ones with a gentle face scrub (or exfoliate) can help even the most rugged looking man take years off of his face!

A Good Sunscreen. Maybe the absolute best skin product for men (and women too), a high quality sunscreen featuring at least a 15 SPF rating (but higher is indeed better in this case) can save the skin from some serious (and damaging) effects of sun exposure. Be sure to read the directions carefully and reapply often for best results.Melissa Burdon is both a professional model and an online business consultant. She lives an active lifestyle and her hobbies include snowboarding, rock climbing, wakeboarding and acting.


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