How to Prevent Oily Skin – Make Your Skin a Pleasure to Look at and to Touch!

Some Ways to Reduce Inflammation Women have used a number of  Lifting& Firming Cream Review different tactics to reduce this inflammation. Covering the eyes with sliced cucumbers or citrus fruit, applying anti-inflammatory creams and using cold compresses are some of the solutions they have come up with. The application of sliced citrus fruit makes sense, because there is a flavonoid in citrus fruit that promotes vascular health. They call it vitamin P.

The old remedy for bruised and baggy eyes was to use a slab of raw meat, such as a steak. Anything cold will provide some reduction in puffy eyes. The proteins in the meat may have also helped. The latest technology calls for the use of creams containing peptides. Peptides are like proteins, but contain fewer amino acids.

Diet Changes May Help Many researchers are looking at dietary factors that may contribute to an age appearance. Since puffy eyes often accompany aging, a change in diet might help. The goal would be to increase your intake of inflammation fighting fruits and vegetables, decrease your intake of foods that contribute to inflammation. Most of those are fatty meats.Eating more fish is a good choice, according to some dermatologists. Fish provides the protein necessary for building new cells. Fish oil is an excellent choice for skin and overall health improvement.


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