How to Play the Brain Game and Get Your Memory Back

Start out on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under MemoryProtocol Ebook Review  your hips – you look like a table. Spread your fingers wide to reduce the strain on your wrists. If you have wrist problems you can place a rolled up hand towel under the palm of your hand with your fingers curled off the end of the roll and that will take some of the pressure off.


 Find a spot on the floor to stare at inhale deeply and stretch your right leg and left arm out. Keep your toes close to the floor in case you feel like you need to touch the floor to help you balance. You can also do this exercise next to a wall so that you can touch the wall with your extended hand if need be until your balance is a little steadier. Breathe deeply for one minute. Return your right knee to the floor take a couple of breaths and repeat with your left leg. Smile! Youre on the road to better health!

A pair of new studies help to explain the role that vitamins D and E play in the onset of cognitive decline… even Alzheimers disease. And while experts caution that its too early to make any recommendations for what to eat or what supplement to take to cut the dementia risk of age related cognitive decline the research suggests this isnt far off.



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Written by Steffan Devin



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