Workouts For Your Abs

Using strength training to burn fat instead of aerobics is an efficient way to stimulate OneAnd Done Workout Review  the muscles for fat burning without sacrificing muscle growth through prolonged aerobic activity. This is accomplished by high reps and short sets on a variety of compound exercises. Sets are kept low (3-4) with reps of 10-20 for lung busting intensity.

Actor Jason Stratham's workouts are truly intense; he uses circuit training with a warm up on the rowing machine. He does body squats and other bodyweight exercises. The body weight squat is in my opinion the best lower body exercise you can do without weights for burning fat and building muscle.

Matthew McConaughey owes much of his physique to Mother Nature, bodyweight exercises and a rapid bulking workout technique called supersets. Supersets stimulate your growth hormones, slice off your body fat (as long as you adhere to a strict workout diet) and dramatically increase your muscle mass in four to six weeks.


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Written by Steffan Devin



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