All About Diets For Diabetics

You must first determine which type of diabetes you are having. If it is Type 1DiabetesFreedom Review  Diabetes (less than 10%), I am sorry to tell you that you might have to depend on the pills to control the condition. But if it is of Type 2 Diabetes (90% possibility), then it is a good news because it is possible to reverse it as long as the organs have not fail yet.

Aside from food, there are other factors that can cause your blood sugar level to rise. Many diabetics have high levels before they eat breakfast…even if their blood sugar was within the normal range at bedtime. There are two special conditions that may raise fasting sugar levels. The first is called the:Dawn Phenomenon… the dawn phenomenon results from an increase in certain hormones in the body, especially the stress hormone cortisol, beginning at three or four o'clock in the morning.

Somogyi Effect… this refers to a blood sugar level that rises in the early morning after the diabetic experiences an unrecognized hypoglycemic event during the night-time.High morning sugar levels should prompt testing at bedtime, and even testing at 2 or 3AM, just to rule out nocturnal hypoglycemia. Clues to night-time hypoglycemia include:And it is commonly experienced by diabetics taking long acting insulin and to those who did not have a snack before bedtime.


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Written by Steffan Devin



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