Diabetic Food List – Tips For Diabetics to Select the Right Foods to Keep Blood Sugar Level Low

Take your daily intake of carbohydrates and spread Diabetes Freedom Review  them out across your day. Do not eat too many carbohydrates at one meal. Stick to your diet and plan ahead. Do your shopping and plan the week in advance. Have fruits and vegetables handy for snacks. Every meal for a diabetic will take management. Whatever you eat will directly affect your blood sugar level. If you are eating the correct diabetic meal plan then your blood sugar will be under control and you can lose from 20 to 30 pounds in 60 days.

The oral glucose test measures your response to sugar and is conducted only after the FPG test has been done. A glucose solution is administered orally and after a period of about 2 hours blood sugar levels are tested. Normal levels are less than 140mg/dL while levels between this amount and 199mg/dL suggest pre diabetes. If your levels are higher than 200mg/dL you may already have developed full blown diabetes.

Our modern day, Western Diet is creating an epidemic of diabetics and those with related diabetic conditions. We’ve gone from eating 70 pounds of sugar per person per year to eating 150 pounds, according the US Statistics. Teens and the fast food crowd eat way more. In our grandparents and great-grandparents day, there was no such thing as convenience food. It was the baby boomer that rode the first wave of fast and convenience foods. It was the baby boomers and their families that bought the ‘billions and billions served’. Now, it is them that are leading the obesity and diabetic wave.

More sugars, junk fats and salt fill the American diet. Surveys in the US show that on average 90 percent of all food sold in grocery stores is convenience foods. Some plates don’t see any kind of vegetable except French fries for months. Some don’t see anything green at all.


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