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Conventional treatments have traditionally included using the birth control  FreshFlora Review pill. As the hormones within it prevent ovulation, this therefore prevents the painful cysts developing on the ovary. Very often, the simple regulation of the menstrual cycle and control of huge hormonal surges can sometimes cause shrinkage of existing cysts. Less likely, but nonetheless sometimes an option can be surgery. Individual cysts can be removed or drained or in very severe cases where other options have been exhausted, an ovary may be removed. This is not a desirable option if you have not completed your family although evidence shows that most women can go on to conceive with just one ovary.

Natural treatment for ovarian cysts focuses on using a holistic treatment. By this, we mean treating the root causes rather that just dealing with the symptoms. By its very nature, this type of treatment tends to be non-invasive and beneficial for overall good health, not only for treating ovarian cysts. By treating the root causes, the power of this type of treatment is the way in which it ensures that the conditions within your body as not supportive of further growth of ovarian cysts or indeed, of maintaining existing cysts.

When using natural treatment for ovarian cysts, you will be required to focus on various areas at once, such as diet, lifestyle, psychological changes, increase in exercise routine and simple and subtle biochemical changes. One of the most important areas to tackle is the balancing of hormones and the regulation of the menstrual cycle as this can play a large part in the formation and subsequent size of cysts.


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Written by Steffan Devin



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