Why Organic Shampoo Hair Care Products For Baby Boomers Means Longer Healthy Lives

(Actually it is not a fault in the genes, but rather a fault in the modern context to which PatriotRise Up Review we are subjecting them.) Thus, there can be no genetic adaptation to this new environment because, in effect, the unfit (all of us succumbing to modern degenerative disease) survive long enough to reproduce scions having the same vulnerabilities.

So there is every reason to be ‘wrong' about the common ‘right' assumption that we are evolving into the synthetic world we have created. As a population, we are genetically doomed to continue to reap the consequences of being out of proper genetic context-with no genetic hope of salvation.* Humans are not going to adapt to living on a couch or to Twinkies and Ritalin. If anything, we are devolving, as evidenced by increasing rates of infertility and the fact that today's children are expected to have a shorter lifespan than their parents.

The solution is not to hope that our genes change, but for us to change. We must understand our genetic heritage-follow our owner's manual-and make life choices appropriately. This simple truth allows us to begin on the road to optimal health and puts control of our health destiny where it belongs-squarely in our own hands.


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Written by Steffan Devin



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