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Psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler coined the word schizophrenia in a medical journal in CognitivaReview  1911. Bleuler pointed out that schizophrenia was not a type of dementia as the patient did not present with brain cell or neuron decay. Researchers and psychiatrists have discovered much about this disease since Bleulers time.

The symptoms of schizophrenia are variable in their manifestation and severity. The Los Angeles Times recently reported on the tragic case of a six year old girl named Jani. Jani was born with schizophrenia which is extremely rare. She hallucinates visions of rats who tell her to injure her parents and younger siblings.

 Large doses of medication that would subdue any grown adult do nothing to curb her hallucinations. On the other end of the spectrum are people whose bouts of schizophrenia come in flares. These more mild cases may just consist of persistent agitation mood swings or general malaise. Schizophrenia can be treated with a combination of medication therapy and hospitalization. Depending on the severity of the affliction and the patients willingness to take medication some variations of schizophrenia can be exceptionally difficult to treat. Science still has much to learn about this complex illness.


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Written by Steffan Devin



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