How to Lose Belly Fat and Get 6 Pack Abs by the Summer – This is the Easiest Way to Lose Belly Fat!

Apples are a better choice than bananas. You can eat two to three apples Trim14 Review  a day without worrying about getting fat. Apples are naturally low in calories and each apple has about 5 grams of fiber. This is the reason why you feel full longer if you eat an apple for a snack. Be aware that fiber plays a role in dieting and losing weight.

Apples give you the satisfaction of having a snack without feeling guilty. They will not ruin your diet even if you have as many as three apples per day. Remember that apples have other health benefits aside from their fiber content and pleasant taste including natural anti-oxidants that help build a strong immune system.

You can have one to two pieces of string cheese per day. Even if it is not classified as a perfect snack, it can be considered an acceptable choice due to its protein content. Protein is dominant in string cheese, which will enhance your protein intake from your shake. String cheese can a filling and satisfying choiceLow calorie means 80 calories or less per container. Yogurts have more carbohydrates than protein especially if they contain fruit, however, some can contain up to 9 grams of protein in an 8-ounce serving. Low calorie yogurts can fill you up as well and you will feel more satisfied since there are quite a variety of flavor selections.


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