How to Get Skinny Arms – Fast and Easy

For Men you would add 66 + 6.3 x whatever  Alkatone Review your weight is in pounds + 12.9 x your height in inches – 6.8 x whatever your age is in years following the same sequence and formula as above but using these numbers. This particular formula can be applied to adults only, for kids it will be a bit different. Now we need to incorporate the general physical activities that are performed on a daily bases. Based on how active you are your would add the following to your BMR.

If you are a bit more active then it will be your BMR X 30 percent. For more moderately active people You may perform light exercise 3-4 days per week. it will be your BMR X 40 percent. If you are extremely physically active You may perform exercise routine 6-7 days a week then it will be your BMR X 50 percent. In very rare cases of those who train like or is a professional athlete then it will be your BMR X 60 percent.

Once you find this number then add it to your BMR and you will get your over daily caloric intake. For example. Take the BMR of the woman in the example we did earlier, she had a BMR of 1452 and she is in a sedentary job and gets no physical exercise, we would do the following. 1452 X 20% = 290.4 and then we add this number to your BMR which is 1452 + 290.4 = 1742.4

So she will need about 1742 calories per day to maintain her current weight. So the trick here is to now limit this amount to say 1700 the first two weeks, then 1600 the nest week, we can reduce the amount safely up to about 1500 calories a day. Doing this alone will force the body to convert fat into calories to be burnt by the body which will cause weight loss.


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