Spiritually Speaking, Should New Life Stay in the Baby Room?

If the concept of Karma has any validity, doing good in this life, gives us a better  ManifestationCode System Review chance for an improved situation in the next life as well.Of course if spreading goodness in the world helps the spreader, the opposite would also be true. We all are one when doing evil as well. Doing bad deeds against others reflects back on us because it diminishes our soul, makes us smaller, less able to give.

Just as good deeds inspire the same in others, our bad deeds can set a bad example for them. Our bad deeds make the world darker and more harsh and then we experience more darkness and more harshness ourselves. Bad deeds set up bad karma for the next life, it there is one.

Certainly whatever we do, good or bad, sets in motion a ripple effect that can impact our own lives in the same direction. What we do that is good for another helps us all, including ourselves. What we do against anyone else harms us all – including ourselves. Most of us will never have the literal transcendent experience of Oneness. But certainly we can enhance our own lives and that of everyone else by accepting – in a metaphorical sense – that we truly are All One!


What do you think?

Written by Steffan Devin



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