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Diabetes is a chronic disorder usually affecting the  CoronaVirus Survivor Plan Review middle aged and elderly population. But Juvenile Diabetes can affect kids too. It is basically an endocrine dysfunctional disorder. Diabetes is mainly of two varieties. Type one Diabetes, where the patient's body does not produce enough Insulin. The other variety is the Type two Diabetes, where in spite of Insulin being available the blood glucose or the blood sugar values are not controlled by it. This means that the Insulin in spite of being available cannot lower the blood glucose or blood sugar values.

There is also an exclusive variety of Diabetes found only in pregnant females which is known as Gestational Diabetes. This is usually a transient phase lasting only as long as the pregnancy, but many cases develop the Insulin resistant variety of Diabetes later on in life.

The common symptoms of Diabetes are called as the triple “P” syndrome. The first P stands for Polyurea, which means passing urine several times within short intervals. The next P stands for Polydipsia, which means increased thirst and drinking water at frequent and short intervals. The last P stands for polyphagia, which means eating frequently or increased hunger. The patient is hungry soon after a meal.

In addition there are symptoms of excessive fatigue, lack of stamina, excessive sweating, and weight gain, swelling of the face or generalized edema. The immunity levels maybe low putting the patient at an easy risk of catching the candidal or fungal infections.


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