Brain Food Snacks For Studying – 10 Easy Brain Food Snacks For Studying

Forgetting to pick up the groceries, or greet the in-laws Cognitiva Review  a happy anniversary, or not recalling the name of a person in your book club, or the phone number of the babysitter can be very frustrating, especially when we think of how we did so much better in the memory game a few years ago. So the big question arises: Does memory really decrease as we grow older?

The good news is that age-related memory loss is normal. It is a part of the human being's aging process. Either of our short-term or long-term memory can be affected by age. Some people for instance, start forgetting names of people they've just met. Others may not be able to recall the name of their high school.

Of course, there are certain age-related illnesses that affect memory to a great extent. Dementia and Alzheimer's are two of them. Scientists say that these illnesses are preventable. This is precisely the reason why we should start taking extra care of our brains and nerves to ensure optimum function, even as we get older. Here are a few of the preventive measures we can take as early as now to prevent age-related memory loss and decrease in mental functions.

Exercise regularly. Research shows that people who engage in sports and regularly break into health sweat are less likely to fall into the memory loss trap. Exercise allows for more oxygen to enter the body. Every cell, tissue, and organ in the body depends on oxygen to thrive. The brain is one the most crucial organs which, when deprived of oxygen can result to a life-threatening condition, loss of consciousness, stroke, mental retardation, etc.


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