Can't Sleep – Coffee, Tea and Insomnia

Bed wetting alarms include moisture sensitive pads that your child wears in his Mela Luna Sleep Review or her pajamas or that you place on top of the bed. When the pad senses moisture, an alarm goes off, waking the child. Bedwetting (also known as ‘nocturnal enuresis') is more common than many parents think, affecting around one in seven children aged five and one in 20 children aged ten. Without any treatment, the problem usually resolves itself gradually over a number of years, with less wet nights each year.

Bed-wetting is beyond your child's control. No child wants to wake in the middle of the night wet and cold. Bedwetting is a common problem among children today, and is becoming increasingly so among teenagers.

But a concerned parent must not punish his or her child for bed wetting. It is a very common problem which almost forty per cent children have to face. It happens when your child unknowingly wets his bed at night. And is not generally due to a body problem or if you have anxious feelings.


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