Is Modafinil the answer to lockdown-related lack of productivity?

The COVID-19 crisis has brought about changes that we could have hardly imagined. A handful of people have actually lived through the last pandemic, namely the Spanish Flu and it was actually called “the forgotten flu”. Funny enough, there are actually lots of people who don’t believe this current coronavirus actually exists… shoutout to all you “enlightened” conspiracy theorists.

The truth is that the novel coronavirus is as real as the people struggling to breathe, which are numerous and anyone with an internet connection can see that. While many who have lost their jobs or had their businesses shut down experienced a deep economic and emotional shock, those working from home also face difficulty in coping with this sudden change in lifestyle. 

Working from home during the pandemic

Working from home can be difficult for some, because most are used to their home being the place in which they relax and associate with ‘free time’. Psychologically, it can be difficult to adjust to not having your workmates around and being at the office where the brain is used to being in ‘work mode’.

Spending long hours locked inside can be especially difficult for one’s social life. Many are experiencing loneliness, which is known to cause difficulty in sleeping properly, lack of concentration and low mood. These symptoms can make it difficult for one to concentrate for extended periods of time.

Modafinil and its effects

Modafinil is popular for some years now as a cognitive enhancer. People who are working mentally-exhausting jobs use it to stay aware and those who must stay at maximum focus for long hours use it to make sure that they’re on top of their game during critical moments. Doctors have called it the world’s first safe smart drug and it’s seen as the most effective substitute to Adderall.

As a personal experience, I feel that it’s worth mentioning that Modafinil’s action is ‘task-binding’, meaning that once it kicks in, you may feel bound to what you were doing at that moment. This is something that I have not experienced on any other nootropic. It can be really helpful if you have problems with procrastination or multitasking.

While Modafinil you can easily have Modafinil prescribed for shift work sleep disorder (if you suffer from it, that is), people generally prefer to buy generic Modafinil online, mainly because it’s a lot cheaper than Provigil.

Modafinil can also be especially helpful to people who have gone jobless or have seen their businesses take a total downturn. Motivation and discipline are a must when going through these hard times. The worst thing somebody in this unfortunate situation can do is to wallow around in self-pity and do nothing. The best thing that you can do is what is best for your future, whether that’s looking for a new job, honing your skills, or changing the direction of your business. 

Bottom line

Occasionally using Modafinil to boost your productivity can have lasting effects on your professional life. Now, more than ever, we all need to be prepared for the uncertainty that the COVID-19 crisis has created. It’s never been more important to be on top of your game and competitive in your field. 

So yes, Modafinil can help you gain an edge during this period, but it’s up to you to be creative with the choices that you make on how you spend your time.


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