Why Most People Prefer Spearmint Oil Over Peppermint Oil?

Hey Everyone, today we are going over competition between spearmint oil and peppermint oil. While most people will think that both are the same since they both belong to the ‘mint' families, but they are not. Just by the look, you can say that. Spearmint leaves are spear-shaped (pointy at the end) while peppermint leaves are curvier.

There are more than 500 types of mint plants but we will discuss spearmint and peppermint here since they are the most used in the current world.

Where they are used?

Some industries where both of them are used are in making chewing gums, candies, mouthwashes, toothpaste, lotions, creams, and medicines. They both have some similar properties. They both contain have a cool & refreshing essence. Like other organic-certified from essential oils from us, they are used in aromatherapy as well. 

The Main Difference

The key difference between them is the strength of their scent. Peppermint one is strong, spearmint one is light. This is because, in peppermint, the menthol is about 30% while in spearmint, it is less than even 1%. While spearmint can grow in most places around the world, peppermint can grow in only a suitable climate.

Spearmint can grow up to 3 feet and bears pink flowers, whereas the peppermint plant is not too tall and it bears purple flowers. Spearmint contains R-carvone, which is the reason for its cooling sensation. It also has a bit of sweet & earthy taste. Peppermint's coolness is due to menthol. That is why spearmint is also sometimes known as ‘The Gentle Mint Oil‘.

This main difference also separates their use cases. Spearmint being a bright & light scent makes it more suitable for tea, chocolates, and beverages. That is why spearmint oil has more demand in the bulk needs of consumer goods. Whereas peppermint being sharp in the scent makes it perfect for soaps, facewashes, shampoos, and for cooking. It is also great for garnishing since it looks beautiful. Also, peppermint is more useful in medicines if compared with the other. Peppermint oil demand is increasing each year.

Learn more differences in the source article.


IF you ask for my personal favorite, I would have gone for spearmint since I think it is more suited for a beginner because of its soft fragrance. I will only recommend peppermint if the situation is a little bit hard to counter. And of course, you might be thinking how can we get such leaves. So, NO, you didn't have to search for their leaves, you can buy their essential oils if you want to use them. Just a precaution that dilutes them first. Don't apply them directly on the skin.

That is my simple explanation of the differences. I will be back with some more articles on essential oils in the future. Now, I am signing off. Just one more thing to say, go natural.


What do you think?

Written by Rashim Goel

Hey, I am Rashim, I work at an IT Startup in India. Coding is my passion, but attars are my hobby. I was born in the perfume town of India, kannauj, which is why I became a fan of Attars of Kananuj. Right now, I run a small youtube channel to promote this beautiful natural fragrance.


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