Add Color Back To Your Skin With These Vitilogo Treatments.

Vitilogo is a disease that causes the patches of skin lose its colour from parts like your mouth, hair and eyes and is more noticeable in people with dark skin. Being a non-contagious disease, it is a lifelong autoimmune condition that cannot be cured. But yes, taking steroids, photodynamic theory and self-care are considered to be  best treatments of Vitiligo. The type of treatment depends on your age, amount of skin discoloration and at what pace is it spreading.

Steriods That Control Inflammation.

Applying a corticosteroid cream to affected areas can help return the color. This is most effective when Vitilogo is in its early stage. Corticosteriod pills or injections might be an option for people whose conditoion is deteriorating rapidly.

Medications To Improve Immune System.

Calcineurin inhibitor ointments such as Pimecrolimus(Elidel) or Tacromilus(Protopic), proves to be effective for people with small areas of dispigmentation, specifically on the face and neck.

Light Therapy As A Remedy.

The progression of Vitiligo can be curbed using Phototherapy with narrow band ultraviolet B(UVB). This might be more useful if used alongwith calcineurin or corticosteroids inhibitors. Sometimes,a plant derived substance called psoralen with light therapy, also known as photochemotherapy, is practiced to return color back to light patches.

Skin And Blister Grafting.

Skin grafting includes transferring small sections of healthy pigmented skin onto dispigmented areas. While, Blister grafting involves creating blisters on your pigmented skin using suction to transplant the tops of blisters on discolored skin.

Removing the color- Depigmentation.

Genrally, this therapy turns out to be the only option if your vitiligo is widespread and other treatments have failed to provide results. A depigmenting agent is applied on the colored, unaffected areas of skin to lighten up the skin and it gradually blends in with the discolored areas.


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