Wheelchair:Types of Wheelchairs 2020

Wheelchair, a very well known healthcare product used if someone has walking difficult or impossible. It's a very common thing that everyone knows. But the important thing that people are looking for is “ Different Types Of Wheelchairs? There are different types of wheelchairs including; Manual wheelchairs, Electric Wheelchairs, Airplane Wheelchairs, Pediatric Wheelchairs, Reclining Wheelchairs and many more.

Different Types of Wheelchairs (2020)

Who Invented The Wheelchairs?

The history of the wheelchair dates back to 1595, when an unknown inventor built a wheeled chair for King Philip II, of Spain, but the design was not copied or used by anyone elseThe idea resurfaced again in 1655 when a paraplegic watchmaker named Stephan Farffler built a mechanized chair for his personal use.But after 1783 The chair was designed by John Dawson, who lived in the city of Bath, England, which is why the design was known as the Bath Wheelchair.

Different Types of Wheelchairs

There are several types of wheelchair available, with an incredible number of subtypes and variants that cater to just about every taste, preference, and need, including:

Defferent Types OF Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs: These are what most people think about when you mention the phrase. Most commonly seen in hospitals and nursing homes, they are the most economical choice for most people.Electric Wheelchairs: Electric wheelchairs are far and away the most popular variety because they allow those who use them greater freedom of mobility without having to rely on a nurse or other assistant, except perhaps for getting into the chair.

Performance wheelchairs: Wheelchairs that are categorized as performance chairs are known to be high end, with a high price point. Active wheelchairs can be considered performance chairs because they allow the user to perform their activities at a high level. Sport chairs are also known as performance based, because they are made to withstand high activity of the user.

Reclining wheelchairs: Reclining or tilt-in-space wheelchairs have seating surfaces which can be tilted to various angles. Various designs are now available and Reclining wheelchair with the feature may either tilt the seat-back and leg rests in relation to the seat or may tilt the entire back, seat and leg rest as one, depending on the need of the user.

Transport wheelchairs:Transport wheelchair is a great option for older adults who typically have a caregiver else push them rather than manually rolling themselves around. It has 12-inch wheels on the back for outdoor traction.

Lightweight wheelchairs: A lightweight wheelchair is one of the most important features you will need in your wheelchair. Lightweight wheelchairs provide convenience and comfort to the user and caregiver alike and are often built using materials like aluminum and titanium alloy, while foldable wheelchairs allow for easy storage and transport.

Sports Wheelchairs: Sports wheelchairs are specifically designed for athletes and individuals who have a passion for sports. Most sports wheelchairs are made using ultra light weight metal, productive ergonomics and next generation technology for moving fast. The wheels are adjustable and can withstand high rates of speed and pressure.

Some Popular Brands of Wheelchairs

Drive MedicalInvacarePride Mobility

How do I choose a wheelchair that is right for me?

Some of the things they will consider are your age, mobility, strength, and body size. Good brand is also a very big thing you should keep in your mind. Because it's about your health so always go with good brands.


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