5 Ways to Heal a Tendon Injury Naturally

Tendons are strong fibers in the human body to connect the muscle to the bone. For instance, the Achilles tendon joins the heel bone to the calf muscle. Most of the tendon injuries that occur are around the joints, such as ankle, knee, shoulder, and elbow. The injury in any joint area occurs rapidly. However, such an injury is the result of several tears to the tendon that have taken place with time.

Doctors all over the world use many different terms to explain the injury happened to the tendon. Some of those terms are as follows:

  • Tendinitis – It refers to the inflammation of the tendon.
  • Tendinosis – It refers to several small tears in the connecting tissue in or around the tendon. These tears are the outcomes of the overuse of a particular part or the entire body.

Why does a tendon injury happen?

Maximum injuries occurred to the tendon are the outcomes of ongoing wears and tears that are due to aging. Anyone can have a tendon injury and it might lead to a severe damage if you keep your movements, sports activities, or daily activities going on. It can happen any time and impact you slightly. Your chances of having a tendon injury are higher if your tendon has been weak over time.

Symptoms of a tendon injury

When a tendon injury happens to you, it causes stiffness, pain, and loss of strength in your affected body part. The stiffness and pain may increase at night or around your waking up time in the morning. The affected area might be warm, red, swollen, or tender if it has inflammation. You might hear a crunchy sound while using your tendon.

Diagnosis options

For the diagnosis of a tendon injury, you will have to answer a few questions of your doctor. The questions will relate your past health record and what you are feeling now. After that, the doctor will do a physical examination of your affected body part, such as a shoulder. You will have to show how you use sports equipment or a tool if your injury relates to the same. Your prescribed tests may include an MRI, X-ray, or ultrasound.

How to treat?

In most of the cases, you can heal your tendon injury at home. For natural tendon healing, you can follow these steps:

  1. Provide enough rest to the affected area. As far as possible, keep yourself away from the activity that increases your pain.
  2. Take proper care of your diet. Focus on taking calcium rich food items. You can opt for a herbal supplement after talking to your doctor.
  3. Apply ice cubes or a cold pack on the affected body part for 10-15 minutes in a single sitting. Keep doing this two times in an hour for the first 72 hours and continues it until you get recovered.
  4. Do light exercises and stretching to stay away from stiffness.
  5. Take medicines such as naproxen or ibuprofen for instant pain relief after talking to your doctor.  


Tendon injury is common for you if you are highly active. By taking proper care and treatment, you easily and quickly recover from your tendon injury. But keep on mind, whatever you do, it must be as per your doctor’s instructions.


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