11 Useful Facts About Laser Hair Removal Treatment

No doubt the treatment can be a bit uncomfortable, but it is not painful when performed by a skilled technician. This is so because the laser light targets a particular area, the surrounding skin remains unaffected. If you still not feel good, you can get a prescription from the best dermatologist in Delhi or your nearby region…[Read More]


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Written by DermaClinix Delhi

DermaClinix is a well equipped hair transplant and skin center located in the heart of the Delhi city in the state of New Delhi, INDIA. We, here have an ultra-modern set-up with a well-equipped reception and a special waiting room for the patient’s attendants. We are a team led by chief surgeons, Dr. Kavish Chouhan & Dr. Amrendra Kumar ably assisted by our highly efficient staff that is always ready to take care of you in all aspects during and after the hair transplantation.


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