What Does A Hearing Instrument Specialist Do?

A hearing instrument specialist also known as a hearing aid practitioner or hearing aid specialist is a professional who evaluates people suffering from hearing loss of all degrees. He or she prescribes such people with the best suitable hearing aid to improve their condition. They typically deal with old people since old age often causes hearing loss but that does not mean that is their only demographic.

Hearing instrument specialists evaluate children, younger people, and the elderly (persons of all ages really), with hearing loss problems as well. This is because the condition is often caused due to several underlying issues. The severity of the underlying issue or the degree of hearing loss can differ from person to person and if you face issues you must make an appointment with a hearing aid practitioner right away. Early diagnosis can mean better hearing ability with the help of the right hearing aid.

What exactly does a hearing instrument specialist do?

  1. Carries Out a Hearing Test

There comes a time in many people’s lives when they notice issues with their hearing ability. When you suffer from something like that you must go to a hearing instrument specialist. The first and the most obvious thing he or she does is to carry out a hearing test.

This test is for the hearing aid practitioner to evaluate and understand the level of hearing loss. Determining whether the level of hearing loss is mild, moderate, or severe helps in the diagnosis. This crucial step defines all the next steps to be taken and whether you need a hearing aid or not including the type and design.

  1. Prescribes Suitable Hearing Aid

Choosing the ideal hearing aid device is no child’s play. It requires professional expertise to pick the right device suitable for each individual person since no one person is the same. A HIS will help you buy the most suitable hearing aid and will also make sure the fitting is just perfect. A hearing aid fitting is especially important if you opt for in-the-ear hearing aids because their fittings will begin with a mould of your ear.

All of the fitting requirements and choosing the hearing aid is handled with expertise by the hearing instrument specialist. There are many types of hearing aid devices available in today’s modern age, so make sure to ask your HIS for all the options of design available.

  1. Assistance Regarding Use and Maintenance Of Hearing Aids

Just like any other technology or machine, hearing aids too, require certain usage and maintenance guidance. All this important information is provided by your HIS during your hearing aid fitting. Starting from how to put it on to your ears correctly for optimal hearing results to how to clean and care for it. They provide all these guidelines because if the hearing aid is not worn in the right way, it can hamper it or cause you discomfort.

A hearing instrument specialist also sets up the hearing aid for you. This is essential as modern hearing aids come with memories that store distinct programs that include volume, pitch, noise reduction, etc. A HIS will ensure they feed the program or multiple programs and set it up in a way most suitable for the user. He or she will also teach the user how to switch between the settings of the hearing device in order to get the most out of this helpful invention.

Therefore, hearing instrument specialists help people suffering from hearing loss. So, if you are someone suffering from hearing loss of any degree, get in touch with a reputed hearing aid clinic. You need to book an appointment with a qualified hearing aid practitioner or hearing instrument specialist.

 Do not delay your evaluation in order to avoid further complications. And most importantly do not be ashamed or afraid of seeking help. Hearing loss can be improved.


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Written by Adam Alford


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